3 College Life Lessons We All Learned From Pitch Perfect


Starting college is a major change for many young people. It’s a time when you can discover more about yourself and learn what you’re truly capable of. You’ll encounter numerous life lessons during this transition period into adulthood. The fun and insightful comedy, Pitch Perfect, offers some great parallels you might be able to apply to your college experience. Here are three of the most memorable.

Try Something New to Learn More About You

Sure, the familiar feels… well, familiar, but you’ll never discover who you truly are until you take chances in life. Just as Beca branched out from her usual musical style in the movie and found something that was true to her, it’s important to apply the same concepts to your own life.

Take a class you’d never have considered before or try a sport you’ve always wanted to play. You can’t learn anything new about yourself if you keep doing the same old things. You might discover new talents you never knew existed.

There’s No Shame in Asking for Help

Many of us hold back from asking for help, seeing it as a sign of weakness or lacking ability. Asking for help can lead to greater success, particularly when we work with our friends.

Consider how Beca couldn’t move forward in her music until she asked for help from Amy and her other friends. Only when she reached out did she discover how to create and perform in a different manner than she was used to. The next time you feel stuck, try bouncing ideas around with your friends or classmates to gain a different perspective.

Always Keep Your Life Moving Forward

While partying and playing the field sounds like fun, it doesn’t always lead somewhere. Make time for fun in life, but be sure to keep moving forward, too. Unlike the rest of her class, Beca thinks about her future and finds a job that goes beyond graduation. You don’t need to have your entire life mapped out, but making plans that can help you create and build a future is usually a good start.

Pitch Perfect might not seem like the type of movie that would teach life lessons to take you through college and beyond, but there’s plenty of evidence to show that thinking outside the box, asking for help, and creating a life plan can make a difference. Apply these to your own life and see how you can continue to blossom and grow.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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