4 Hot STEM Degrees You Can Finish Online

Do you wish you’d listened to your high school guidance counselor when she told you that you should consider a career in a STEM field? Whether you thought STEM work was too difficult, or the fields didn’t interest you, as an adult you’ve probably realized that you’re as capable of doing STEM work as anyone. If you’re considering going back to school for a degree, STEM fields should definitely be in the running for your next career track.

It’s true that STEM remains one of the most robust job sectors with an annual average growth rate of 3.3% per year. And it’s not just the growth in that sector that makes it attractive. People in STEM careers even faired better during the recession.

While most STEM careers do require at least a bachelor’s degree, those degrees are widely available through returning student programs at many colleges and universities, with a vast range available as entirely online courses. We’ve picked four of the top STEM careers you can train for online now.

Environmental Scientists and Specialists

One of the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. job market, environmental scientists are in higher demand than ever. From lab work, to field work, to office jobs there could be an environmental science job perfectly tailored for you. Most jobs in this sector require a bachelor’s degree, and there are ample online programs available that allow you to work full time while you study. Current median pay for environmental scientists is $71,130 per year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


If you’ve ever been interested in geology, or a job with great options for outdoor work, now is the time to pursue a career in geoscience. With 14% growth in job outlook, this is a hot STEM career with exciting opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Pay in this field is excellent with $91,130/year average in the U.S.. The best part is, there are several bachelor’s degree programs online for people looking to switch careers while working full time.

Information Security Analyst

If information technology sounds right up your alley, then you can’t go wrong with a career in information security. With a whopping 28% average growth rate for a career in this sector and a very nice median salary of $98,350, this is a highly recommended STEM career track. Most IT security analysts have computer science or information technology bachelor’s degrees when they enter the field, and those are some of the most readily available online degrees right now. Think you’d like to help fight cyber security threats? Now is the time to start!


Was chemistry the one science class you loved in high school? As online programs become more sophisticated, more and more chemistry degree programs are offered online. This is a career track with a wide variety of specialties in the public and private sector, including product development and testing. The pay’s not bad either, with median yearly pay sliding in at $78,330.