5 Tips To Improve Your Critical Thinking

Improve your critical thinking

Critical thinking is a crucial part of your daily life. You use it to make thousands of decisions each day. It’s beneficial to improve your critical thinking because it helps you improve how you live your life. 

You may think you have it down already if you do it so much. Is there really a way to get better?

Take these 5 tips about how to improve your critical thinking.  

1. Formulate Your Question

Know what you want before deciding to do something. You have to take a step back when you face a decision. Why are you leaning toward one thing over the other? What are you hoping to gain from the outcome? 

Posing the right questions will hopefully get you to the right answer in time. 

2. Gather Your Information

This comes down to finding the information and concluding what has the least bias. There is tons of information used to sway both sides of a decision, so find the middle ground. Find the facts. 

3. Apply The Information

This is the part where you apply potential outcomes to critical questions. Doing this step will give you clues about what it looks like to make your final decision. 

4. Consider The Implications

To put it simply, look outside the box. What happens if you make one decision? What happens if you decide on the other thing instead?  Do you know what those outcomes lead to?

5. Explore Other Points Of View

This exploration is great for stepping outside of your confirmation bias. As for the perspective of someone you trust. You may also change your mind based on what you find. 

Give this video a try and see if you can make your decision better in the coming days. You’ll have lots of chances! Go out there and change your life one choice at a time.