Benefits of Joining a Fraternity or Sorority

Heading off to college means new experiences and new friends. One of the best ways to find a group of friends is to join a fraternity or sorority that you enjoy. It is a great way to meet people, get advice, volunteer, do activities, and enjoy the college experience with like-minded people. It is also a great way to minimize college expenses. 

Room and Board

Once you can leave the dorms, joining a fraternity or sorority house would cut your boarding costs dramatically. If you share a house with a group of people, you could cut your costs by 75% for room and board. 


Many times houses eat in groups, and there is a stocked fridge for all of the members that live in the house. Organized prepared meals and easy-to-make food saves you from purchasing food while you are out or ordering food in.


When you get involved in a group, you also have lots of students with the same majors and classes. Many times you can share books or pass down books to members. Books can cost over $100 per class at times, and that cost saving is huge.


Often, fraternities and sororities have formals, and instead of having to purchase formal wear, there are so many members who will share those items with you. This also cuts down on having to purchase certain clothes. This can extend to daily clothing wear or party wear.


You may not need a car at college because there are most likely multiple members with a car that you can ask to borrow or ride with that person. Typically fraternity and sororities are also close to campus, so you walk a great deal saving you money on gas, car insurance, and maintenance.

Socially and for the Future

Joining a Fraternity or Sorority may not be for everyone, but it is a way to have lifelong friends. It is also a great way to gain volunteer hours and get involved in your community. Feeling like you are part of the university will be no problem when you have a university-supported fraternity or sorority. After graduating, there will always be super fan Alumni of your college. In the future, you may need to know someone in a certain industry, and you will always have those connections as you have families, children, and more. You will always feel the love and kindness of your house family and the memories that go along with them.