Don’t Want an Office Job? 3 Online Degrees to Consider

So you don’t want to get stuck in a tiny little cubicle pecking away at a keyboard from nine to five? We hear you! Not everyone is created for the glass and steel skyscraper rat race, and that’s absolutely fine. If you need some variation in your work environment, or if fresh air and new landscapes are an actual must for your well-being, you may need to take that into consideration when you’re choosing an online degree path. When you know what your career endgame goals are, it’s much easier to make academic decisions that lead you there!

Explore these four majors and you’ll see that you don’t need to be condemned to the monotony of an office job.


Few bachelor’s degrees that give you a chance to get out into the natural world offer more return on investment than a degree in Geology. Geoscientists study the physical properties of our natural environment, and that often means venturing out into the environment itself. Sometimes to incredibly cool and remote places. Many widely varying specialties are offered within the world of geoscience, so it’s possible to pick the career path that most appeals to you. And the industry is a very robust one with plenty of demand for new geoscientists every day. Best of all, the compensation is out of this world with an average salary of $91,130 each year.


Nursing is a job that offers a lot of variation from day to day, and sometimes moment to moment. It also gives you the chance to work with people if that’s something that appeals to you. While this is often a physically demanding job, it’s definitely one that doesn’t have to mean life strapped to a desk.

If you’ve done much research into online degree programs, chances are you’ve read an article or two about 4 year nursing degree programs. That’s because it’s a very popular field and therefore popular field of study! Registered Nurses make an average of $71,730 yearly salary. Healthcare is a growth industry, so jobs are plentiful.


If you’ve always wanted to work with kids, and are interested in giving back to your community but don’t want a regular office job, teaching may be just the ticket for you.

Depending on your specific interests and specialization, an education degree can offer you a great deal of variation in your work environment. High school teachers generally have good benefits and job security and make average salaries of $60,320 per year. Beyond the typical classroom subjects, specialties like special education, physical education, music, and art can offer truly different and unique work experiences.