Side Gig Strategies for Full-Time Students

How to Run a Side Gig as a Full-Time Student

From attending lectures and reading to studying and completing assignments, being a full-time student can monopolize a lot of your time. In fact, the average college student spends at least 12 hours in class and 24 hours preparing for class each week, and that doesn’t cover time for travel and other activities that make going to school possible. But what happens if you have to work? How can you run a side gig or work part-time while you’re a full-time student?

Good Time Management Makes It Happen

Good time management is the key to making anything possible, including going to school. Schedule your classes in one block rather than spreading them throughout the day. Save even more time by breaking your assignments up into smaller, more manageable chunks, working on school assignments at the same time each day and working ahead when you can. Breaks are a great time to get a jump start on your course work. Instead of taking the time off, get a head start on your reading.

Tips for Managing School and a Side Gig

Now that you’ve freed up some time to devote to your side gig, think about other resources you can take advantage of. For example, willing family members can help you meet some of your responsibilities, such as household chores, childcare or packing your lunch. The key is to eliminate any tasks that you can. The less you have to do, the more time you’ll have for school and work.

Side Gigs for Full-Time Students

The type of side gig you decide to pursue is extremely important. Some side gigs require a huge time commitment or intense concentration, which can be draining on top of school work. Always choose an easy gig that gives you the flexibility you need. Following are a few examples:

  1. Caregiver for kids, pets or adults.
  2. Rideshare or delivery driver.
  3. Party planner.
  4. House cleaner.
  5. Personal assistant or shopper.
  6. At-home customer service representative.
  7. Home organizer or mover.
  8. Lawn mower or other odd jobs.
  9. Participant in research studies and focus groups.
  10. Selling merchandise online.

There are limitless other possibilities for side gigs. You can make extra money in a thousand different ways. You just have to make sure it fits your schedule and meets your needs.

With proper time management and help from others, it is possible to run a successful side gig while you’re attending school. However, you must not be afraid to make adjustments or ask for help when things get rough.