How to Succeed as a College Student

succeed college student

Being a college student is undeniably hard. Sometimes all the stress, chaos, and weight of your workload lead you to lack the motivation you need to succeed…or even just to get your next assignment done. How do you succeed as a college student?

It’s exhausting trying to scrape by each week of the semester. Maybe the only thing you need to get you back to feeling victorious over stress is a motivation makeover!

When school seems too difficult and your motivation to continue starts slipping, it’s time to go back to basics. What is driving your pursuit of a degree? This video has excellent tools for when school no longer feels like a pursuit of knowledge but rather a crawl to a degree. It’s time to restore your A+ mentality!

What does it take to have a student mentality?

  1.  Be disciplined
  2.  Stay motivated
  3.  Be self-aware
  4.  Believe in yourself & have vision 
  5.  Open up your ears – future you is thanking you!
  6.  Keep the goal in mind – it’s worth it.
  7.  Turn your pain into progress
  8.  Be uncomfortable with average
  9.  Have the ability to adapt
  10.  Have character, consistency, and courage
  11.  Stay positive
  12.  Earn your respect
  13.  Have a winning attitude
  14.  Set goals, practice great habits, & stay focused
  15.  Manage your time well

A successful student is resilient, disciplined, committed, and consistent.

There will be times when you question why you began this process in the first place. Remind yourself of the original hunger you had for learning and growing in your field of study! The world needs more people like you who refuse to be average. 

What purposeful goals and dreams can you set for yourself to spark your purpose once again? Take yourself back to your original hunger and strive to grow in what you love. Motivation can bring you out of burnout, but discipline is what takes you into your destiny. You can do it!

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