Jobs You Would Never Think Exist

Jobs you would never think exist

Most kids growing up have similar answers regarding what they want to be when they grow up. They want to be an astronaut, pop star, actor, or detective. However, there are plenty of jobs your younger self would never think exist. 

However, when you hear about these uncommon and surprising jobs people do indeed have, you’ll be blown away by the endless possibilities that are out there!

Here are a few jobs you would never think exist!

More To Cinematography Than What Meets The Eye

As seen in the video, a man named Ryan Johnson builds props for movies in theaters daily. It seems like a normal job, right? Perhaps it looks typical from the outside, but this man specializes in breakable props.

He builds anything from cinder blocks to his most frequently requested prop- glass bottles. These bottles are a thin plastic that resembles a typical glass bottle. 

The Art Of Life-Sized Lego Building

Yes, you read that correctly! Matt Slagle is a master Lego model builder, and building legos is his job. Slagle recreates life-sized lego replicas of major cities, including New York City, San Francisco, and Las Vegas! 

Matt and his team used over 10 million lego pieces to create replica cities of mini USA. Everything from a cab car to the Statue of Liberty had to be built precisely on a 1:20 scale of the real-life models.

Having Tarantulas, Roaches, and Other Insects for Coworkers

Steven Kutcher is known as “Hollywood’s Bug Man.” Steven’s job is to train an array of bugs to participate in films. Movies such as “Spiderman” and “The Exorcist II” had the help of this man when it came to the role of insects within them!

Some may squirm at the thought of holding a bug for fun. However, without people like Steven, films wouldn’t be the same. They wouldn’t have the realistic “scare factor” like there is today. These jobs you would never think exist have a big impact!