Leo Horoscope

Dec 8, 2022… Clutter in your immediate surroundings may be to blame for mental disorganization today. To get your mind right, start by getting your work or home area tidy before diving into your day. If you’ve been deep in the feels lately, the area around you could be a little chaotic. Today’s energy will make seeking order a natural choice, Leo. Get out ahead of the mental clutter by cutting through any physical mess you might have in your environment, and don’t forget that being a good leader means delegating what you can, too. You can be rewarded today with renewed, sharp senses and new ideas.

Today’s Inspiration: As children, we feared the BANG of thunder until we realized that it’s just a noise and it can’t hurt us. Our fears as adults are kinda the same. They’re only as scary as we think they are. Once you focus on how you can deal with the fears rather than the scare factor, you can overcome them. That power resides in your mind. It always has.