Libra Horoscope

Apr 23, 2024… Your friends or co-workers will likely need assistance today, but some may resist. Taking care of those who need a hand when they are down could be your first reaction, but try not to over-step. If they politely decline and say they’re good, backing off could be your only choice. Being ready to jump in and offering to assist if it is welcome can make the day a whole lot better for both of you, Libra. Share your love and it can simply fill up your heart.

Today’s Inspiration: Life is like a rainbow, a spectrum of personalities moving along countless shades. Whether your current place feels rose colored or a little on the bluer side, you can change your hue with the thoughts you choose to think and the actions you decide to take. You are a piece of something far bigger, dressed in all the colors of the spectrum, and it beautiful.