Sagittarius Horoscope

Jul 3, 2022… Sagittarians could finally come to a decision on old but important matters. If you’ve been playing the waiting game with yourself, the energy will be right to take some action today. You can, at times, be impulsive and take risks, and this vibe will be right for finally acting on something you’ve been considering. There comes a time when thinking too much stops you from taking the actions you need to get things done, though. Asserting yourself in a positive direction can lead to a good outcome, so go for it!

Today’s Inspiration: A burned bridge can be rebuilt. It will take time, new resources, and determination, but the potential to rebuild is there. If you decide the ashes of an old bridge deserve to have new life breathed into them, you can rest assured that reconstruction is within your abilities. The decision is yours, bridge builder.