Taurus Horoscope

Dec 10, 2022… Taurus can be drawn into intense conversations today. Remember, some people are grossly mistaken about how your mind works and they may never really understand you. That’s okay. Like-minded people will understand you perfectly. If you take the time to explain your nature to someone who doesn’t get you, you’ve done your part. They don’t have to understand and you can’t force it. Instead, seek out those who really get you. Be with someone who lets you be uniquely you.

Today’s Inspiration: As children, we feared the BANG of thunder until we realized that it’s just a noise and it can’t hurt us. Our fears as adults are kinda the same. They’re only as scary as we think they are. Once you focus on how you can deal with the fears rather than the scare factor, you can overcome them. That power resides in your mind. It always has.