This is What Your Studying Habits Say About You

Studying habits

Your studying habits can say a lot about your personality. How you study can point back to specific characteristics you have. 

How you approach schoolwork may transfer to how you handle your career in the future. Knowing how you work through problems, work with others, and learn will help you find the best fit for a career after your school career ends.

Here’s what your studying habits say about you…

The Note-Taker

You are an avid note-taker in class or out of class. Your notes are perfectly structured, color-coded, and placed in an organized notebook or binder. You get more upset than you’d like to admit when there are smudges or mess-ups in your notes. 

 You desire to be in control of the situations you are in. You need to feel prepared in any circumstance. 

You love making lists for any occasion and love checking them off even more. You want to do things yourself because you believe you can do them the most efficiently.

You feel like you need to prove yourself. You need to prove to those around you that you are smart, prepared, or just a cool person in general. There’s a certain  high you feel when you do something that you are proud of but you tend to experience a lot of shame when you fail. 

You are responsible, detail-oriented, and reliable. Give yourself a break every once in a while- it’s okay to fail sometimes!

The Bare-Minimum Studier

You only truly pay attention when the teacher says that something will be on the test. You have a very short page of notes for each class that barely scratches the surface of the discussion. Learning, doing homework, and taking tests typically come pretty easy to you. 

You are a laid-back person who is comfortable with going with the flow of things. You help others shake off some of the stress they are carrying.

You work to be ‘good enough’ rather than trying to excel in what you do. You believe there are many more important things to focus on than schoolwork, and it shows sometimes. Because of this outlook, you encourage others to enjoy life and focus on what is important. 

The Procrastinator 

You save every assignment until the last minute. You are extremely laid back and don’t care about the assignment until you absolutely have to, and even then you care too much. This often includes the infamous all-nighters before a big exam or project deadline.

You struggle to find motivation in a lot of areas. You have a hard time taking control of your time and energy to focus on the task at hand. 

There’s a major pressure for perfectionism that you feel. That’s why you tend to put projects off for so long. Procrastination has you in a cycles of experiencing deep shame when something falls through.

You may be slack with certain things, but you understand what’s important in life and you treat them as so. You are reliable in what matters most, even if you tend to be a little late.

Which One Are You?

No matter what your studying habits are, they don’t define who you are as a person. However, it does help to dive into why you act or react in certain ways. 

Knowing these things can help you understand your strengths and downfalls so that you can tailor your learning experience to how you learn best!