Virgo Horoscope

Apr 23, 2024… Virgos won’t likely seek fanfare or attention today but could risk having that backfire down the road. It would be simple for you to remain just under the radar or melt into the background. Yet, taking credit for your own work or accomplishments can be necessary today, even if you’re not usually one to brag. If someone steals your thunder because you’re not asserting yourself, this can cause hurt feelings later. So, be marvelously you today and shine like the bright light you know you can be.

Today’s Inspiration: Life is like a rainbow, a spectrum of personalities moving along countless shades. Whether your current place feels rose colored or a little on the bluer side, you can change your hue with the thoughts you choose to think and the actions you decide to take. You are a piece of something far bigger, dressed in all the colors of the spectrum, and it beautiful.