Work in the World of Your Favorite Sitcoms With These Online Degrees

Does your job remind you of your favorite sitcoms? Or do you spend your days wishing your workplace was more like what you’ve seen on tv? Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you’ve probably always wondered what degree you would need to get a job working with some of your favorite characters. We’ve got the breakdown on which online degree you’d need to make it in the world of your favorite sitcom

The Office – Business Administration

If you think Dunder Mifflin sounds like the dream employer, you’ll probably want to consider a bachelor’s degree in business Administration. You should probably aspire to the career track of Jan Levinson-Gould rather than Michael Scott, so you may want to consider locking down your MBA after you finish your undergrad. We just want you to succeed at corporate! The great news is, you can get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration from a wide variety of online degree programs.

Parks and Recreation – Public Administration

If you’d like to serve the public good with the Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt’s of the world, you should lock down an online degree in public administration. While the pay is not always the highest, the benefits and job security tend to make up for it. If work in the Parks & Rec department isn’t your passion, there are many other areas of specialty in both local and federal government to choose from, so pick one that plays to your strengths. The great thing about government jobs is that they’re available everywhere, so you don’t need to pack your bags and move to Pawnee, Indiana to follow your dreams. Just be careful not to fall into the Ron Swanson pool of disillusionment along the way!

30 Rock – Creative Writing

Maybe you’ve always felt like you were a writer and it’s time to let your creative side loose to start a new career. If you always wanted to be Liz Lemon, you’ll need a degree in creative writing. Some online creative writing degree programs even offer a screenwriting specialization! Sure you’ll have to work your way up to being a showrunner like our old pal Liz, but we believe in you!

Brooklyn 99 – Criminal Justice

If you’re ready to make the jump to detective work, there are few better workplaces to aspire to than Brooklyn 99. Whether you’re more of a Jake or an Amy, there’s room for a lot of different personality types when it comes to taking on the bad guys and protecting the good citizens of any town. You can take an online criminal justice course and then, armed with your degree, get ready to move right on to the police academy.

Scrubs – Biological Sciences

Sure, the residencies of Turk, J.D., and Elliot looked like hard work, and that’s because they are in real life too. But still, you get to be a doctor (and rake in the big bucks)! While you can’t get an actual medical degree online, you can get a bachelor’s degree in biological science and then move on to take your MCATs so you can go to medical school.