Need Help Paying for College? These Majors Have the Best Scholarships

Need Help Paying for College? These Majors Have the Best Scholarships

Getting money for college can feel like a tricky and never-ending process if you don’t have any kind of savings to get started with. If you want to complete your education but don’t know how you’ll pay for it, consider a college major that has a multitude of scholarship opportunities. Here are a few great majors that usually have numerous scholarship options.

Consider Going Into Teaching

Teaching is one area that offers a variety of scholarships for different circumstances. Depending on what subjects you plan on teaching, you can find scholarships and grants just for your situation, such as those geared toward aspiring art teachers or kindergarten teachers. Individuals who promise to work in low-income districts after graduation can get the TEACH Grant, allowing them to save a sizeable amount on tuition and books.

Scholarships for Science Majors

Choosing to major in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, also known as STEM, opens the door to a variety of scholarship options. Because these careers tend to have more openings than individuals to fulfill them, scholarships are usually offered as a means of enticing individuals to complete their education in one of these fields. Besides finding scholarships within your state, many private and school scholarships will focus around STEM, giving you more than one option when you apply for funding.

Businesses Paying for Schooling

You can find numerous scholarships for business majors if you know where to look. Although many schools offer different scholarships for business majors, it’s common for large companies themselves also have private funding programs you can apply through. Because these are private scholarships, you’ll have more options and a greater variety to apply to whether you’re majoring in accounting or international business.

Taking Advantage of English Studies

Although most people wouldn’t associate English with a variety of scholarship opportunities, there are several niches associated with this major. They can range from publishing houses to certain areas of writing, such as journalism or poetry. Many of these scholarships require an essay, which can give you a chance to demonstrate your skills and show judges what you’re capable of in a low-pressure setting.

If you’ve been worried about how you’ll pay for college or are looking for a major that can offer you a variety of scholarship opportunities, look no further. Picking one of these majors could help you graduate with little debt and an impressive resume, and that could make landing your first post-college job well worth the effort.

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