Toxic Teacher Survival Tips

Toxic Teacher Survival Tips

( – With school soon getting back into full swing, everyone has class schedules and some first-day jitters on their mind. What if you walk into a new class, and the teacher or professor has an attitude? Maybe they turn up their nose, gossip, give others a little negative jab each day? Here is how you can survive a toxic teacher experience.

Misery Loves Company

In this video, YouTuber Real Rap with Reynolds explains how many teachers love to dish in the teachers’ lounge.

They feel they can vent there, and it’s a safe place to do so. The problem is some teachers take this toxicity with them into the classroom, where it doesn’t belong.

Make sure not to feed any negativity you may see. If your toxic teacher is complaining about another student or how poorly the school is being run, leave the opinionated rants where they are. Don’t engage.

Shower Them With Positivity

A toxic teacher is someone who loves to bring others down, especially their students. If you’re caught in the crossfire, remember that you are in control of how you react.

Instead of lending a negative response, try showering the person with a positive attitude. Create something good from a bad experience and try to find a constructive viewpoint rather than a pessimistic one. Or better yet, smile and carry on.

Turn On Your Heart Light

When you’re feeling like a teacher is bearing down on you, turn to kindness. It could be they’re just having a bad day. So instead of responding to their misery, buy them a coffee, or maybe give them a compliment. Be the bigger person and don’t let their negative aura intercept into yours.

Don’t Encourage Their Behavior

Does your teacher consider you the class pet? Maybe they take you to the side and confide in you about other students or teachers? This is not a good thing. Knowing too much information can be harmful, putting you between a rock in a hard place. The key is not encouraging their behavior.

Toxic teachers are real, and it’s unfortunate. Now is the time to stand up to them and take control of your own life. If you are really struggling, go to a higher authority. Confide in your school counselor’s office. Not all adults grow up, but you can be above the toxicity and persevere.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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