When Should a Professor Round Up Your Grade?

When Should a Professor Round Up Your Grade?

College can be an expensive undertaking, which is why so many students worry about keeping their grades up. Let’s say you need a certain grade to pass one of your courses, but you miss the mark by a small percentage.

Does this mean the professor should be kind and round up your grade so you don’t have to retake the course, or should they leave it as it is? ‘

The answer depends on the situation. There are times when it may be appropriate for your professor to round up your grade, but their individual policies and values could factor into the decision. Here are some circumstances in which your teacher could choose to give you a pass and round up your grade.

You Went Above and Beyond

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it isn’t enough. If you went above and beyond in class to present your best work and showed genuine improvement over the course of the semester, your teacher might be willing to give you a boost.

Most good professors admire students who show they care and will go the extra mile to help them succeed. If you’re struggling in a class, it can help to visit your professor during office hours, ask questions and request ways to improve your grade.

Even if your improvements don’t result in the grade you hoped for, the teacher may give you a break and round up on your final average.

You Passed Major Assignments

Many classes have weighted assignments — bigger projects that may be worth more toward your final grade than small class assignments or homework.

If you miss several homework assignments over the course of the semester but still receive high scores on major exams or projects, you’ve shown you have a grasp on the material. In this case, your professor could decide to round up your small assignments grade as long as you excel in larger assignments and meet the course objectives.

Many Students Are Struggling

In rare cases, a poor grade may not be the result of the student’s individual challenges or failure to properly prepare. In a class where multiple students find themselves struggling to keep their grades up, it may be some fault or miscommunication of the professor. If this happens, it’s usually fair to ask the teacher to round up grades. An understanding teacher will likely take that request into careful consideration, and maybe even reevaluate their course material and syllabus for the future.

If you find yourself struggling in a class, discuss your options with your professor. Grades might not be everything, but it’s important to do well in classes so you can get the most out of your education investment. Most professors want you to succeed, so honesty and communication are key!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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