15 Budget Halloween costumes

Halloween can be exciting to many and overwhelming to some. The pressure to have a great costume and be creative can feel difficult. Don’t end up at the event at the end of October, whether it’s school, a party, trick or treating, without a solid outfit. Here are some very easy and creative Halloween costumes that are budget-friendly. We took the hard part of coming up with an outfit out of the equation.

  1. Emoji
    DIY Emoji Costume For Ladies & Their Fur Babies! ⋆ Brite and Bubbly

You can take this one in all different directions. You can dress in yellow and paste felt emoji expressions on you. You can dress with a friend and have two emojis. You can put yourself in a frame and be that selected emoji. The best part is expressing a funny or happy emotion all day long.

  1. Witch
    Two girls smiling in witch costumes

This is a classic and great costume. You can buy a black hat, wear all black, maybe even a dress and you are golden. Add to it by painting your nose green or adding props.

  1. Cat
    Serious little black girl with Afro hair in Halloween costume and headband gazing at camera and roaring while imitating cat against white background

This one is another costume where you can put all black on and some ears and call it a day. You can even go further and dress as a tiger and wear tiger ears.

  1. Farmer
    20 best Nursery rhyme costumes images on Pinterest | Costume ideas, Halloween costumes and Carnivals

Find some overalls and a plaid shirt and a hat, and you are a farmer. Add more to it by wearing boots or carrying tools.

  1. Skeleton
    Two kids in Halloween costumes seen in red light

Put on some black clothes and start cutting white duct tape. Stick them to your outfit like bones and put the clothing on.

  1. Jack o’ lantern
    Turn 2 Pillowcases Into An Easy Pumpkin Costume - DIY Ways

Wear all orange and cut pieces of felt for the eyes of a jack o’ lantern. Add a green hat or green stem for added fun.

  1. Cat Lady
    Crazy Cat lady!!! The best and easiest Halloween costume I have ever done!!! | Easy halloween ...

You can make this costume very easily, but you can also get creative. Print out some cat pictures or buy some cat stuffed animals and attach them to you. You can wear a robe, slippers, and any additional items that make you feel like a cat lady.

8. Chip on Your Shoulder Costume
22 Simple, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes | Real Simple

Wear a shirt and tape some chips to the top of your t-shirt or sweatshirt.

  1. Self-portrait
    Woman Holding Black Frame With White Screen

Carry a large empty frame around your face or make a lightweight version you can tape to yourself.

  1. Clown
    Photo of Clown Holding Tambourine

You can just buy a nose and hat and call it a day, or you can add floppy shoes and a fun outfit to this costume.

  1. Fruit
    The 25+ best Fruit costumes ideas on Pinterest | Fruit halloween costumes, Halloween fruit ...

Pick any fruit such as watermelon, pineapple, peach, banana, and cut felt into the seeds or ridges. You just must dress in the color and add a few items for this one.

  1. Cowboy or cowgirl
    Photograph of Woman in Brown Striped Shirt and Hat

Wear a cowboy/ cowgirl hat, some boots, a plaid shirt, and jeans, and you are ready to conquer the wild west.

  1. Cow
    COLOURFUL IMAGINATIONS !!!!!!!: DIY - Simple Cow costume for kids

Wear a white or black outfit and add felt spots to yourself. Add to this one with some cow ears or a bell. Truly any animal can be an easy costume with basic colored clothes and some felt.

  1. Policeman
    Pin on ♡Children♡

Wear blue, buy some handcuffs, wear some sunglasses, and put your officer name on your shirt. You can act tough all day and police the crowd with this one. 

  1. NerdEasy, Inexpensive & Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes for Littles! {Nerd} | Lookie Boo

Wear glasses, a white shirt, put some pens in your pocket. You can pull your pants higher and carry a fake laptop or book. Also, add some effect by slicking down your hair if you are a boy or putting your hair in pigtails if you are a girl.