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How to Declutter Your Closet

What is it about a closet that makes it such a magnet for random odds and ends? Maybe it’s because it’s an easy place...

Time to Switch Majors?

When you enroll in a bachelor’s degree program, one of the first things you think about it which major you will choose — even...

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Higher Education Tips for Students With Disabilities

(DegreeAuthorities.com) - Making plans for the future and furthering education is at the forefront for almost every student. When faced with a disability, the...

The Secret to Acing Your ACT

(DegreeAuthorities.com) - Even the most academically inclined students often feel overwhelmed in the days leading up to their ACT. This test can play a...


5 Scholarships For Single Parents In Need

(DegreeAuthorities.com) - Parenting can be challenging enough — going back to school while you’re trying to manage little ones is even harder. The financial...

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Mental Health of College Students Cause For Concern

(DegreeAuthorities.com) - It’s no secret that mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are common in college students. Isolation, financial stressors, busy schedules and...

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