Top 10 Best College Majors for Job Placement

The future is filled with big decisions. Choosing a college is one of them, but even once you decide where to go, you still need to pick a field to study. It’s the chicken and egg paradigm of higher education. Some students will choose their majors first and then select their colleges, while others come to quick decisions about their schools but take a little longer to find direction. 

However you decide, it’s important to understand how the college major you choose translates to the job market. Some areas of study simply have better career prospects than others. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best college majors that will help you land a job.

#1 Healthcare

Healthcare occupations are in demand, and there are many directions you can choose. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows healthcare careers ranging from dental hygienists to athletic trainers to veterinary technicians. With so many jobs on the market, you may find numerous placement opportunities with degrees in this field. 

#2 Computer Science

Computer Science degrees are still in demand and also some of the higher-paying career paths. Widespread technological advancements make computer science a smart choice for career-savvy college students. Become a programmer, web developer, or even a security analyst on this career trajectory.

#3 Accounting

Accounting is another college major that has great job prospects. The median pay is around $73,560 annually and usually only requires a bachelor’s degree. You can even use this degree to become an auditor if that better suits your job aspirations. 

#4 Education

Teaching jobs are still widely available. An education major could have you teaching elementary, middle, or high school students, but you could also aim toward teaching special education or college-level courses. You could even use this degree program to become a corporate trainer. 

#5 Business Administration

A business degree is still in demand, and you can specialize in a variety of areas. People who earn business degrees could become entrepreneurs, financial analysts, loan officers, property assessors, or even human resource managers. There’s a wide range of career paths under the umbrella of business administration. It’s a degree that often lends itself to good job prospects.

#6 Engineering

Add engineering to the list of college majors you consider when you want a better chance of a job later. Engineers tend to earn higher incomes, and there are many jobs you can get with this degree. A surveyor is one of the lowest-paying engineer jobs, with an average annual salary of $46,200, while petroleum engineers are among the highest-paid at $137,330 each year. 

#7 Social Work

Social workers may not be one of the best-paid jobs on this list, but there are many options available in this field where you can truly make a difference in the lives of others. It’s an area that’s growing faster than average, so finding a position should be relatively easy. A social work degree could have you employed in adoption placement, as a family counselor, in the community, or in the school system. 

#8 Agriculture

It might surprise you to know agriculture makes the list for being among the best degrees for job placement. It’s just farming either, although that is certainly one path you can take. Careers in agriculture also include scientists who study food, plants, or animals. Agriculture careers can also cross over into education, sales, management, and finance. It’s truly a diverse field with plenty of opportunities. 

#9 Mathematics

If you’re good at math, you might want to consider a math major. Related career opportunities are among the fastest-growing, and the median salary for these occupations is $93,290. Research analysts earn just a little less, while actuaries typically earn much more. 

#10 Psychology

A psychology degree continues to be a good choice for quick job placement — but if you want to become a psychologist, be prepared for a long educational journey. The position requires a doctoral degree before you can go into practice. Other jobs you could find with a psychology degree include management, office support, education, social work, and counseling. 

College is an investment in your future. You’ll want to make sure the major you choose yields good job prospects for the future. Some areas are growing quickly, while others maintain slow but steady growth. Understanding the market can help you make the best decision for your education and future.