How To Get Your Grades Back Up Fast

The average dropout rate of college students is 40%, with some failing out of their classes and some deciding to quit school altogether. There are many reasons why getting your degree can feel insurmountable, but it’s not impossible with a little extra hard work.

If you’re looking at your current GPA and cringing a little, try out some of these tips to help you get your grades back up fast.

Create A Schedule

Depending on how much time you have to fix your grades, you may want to create a homework schedule that helps you stay on top of things. Block off times to finish all of your assignments and set reminders for the days you have an essay due. Organization is key to helping you 

Ask For Extra Credit

You can ask your instructor if they’re willing to offer you extra credit in exchange for you doing extra work that furthers your learning. You need to be careful, though, as most professors can get agitated by last-ditch efforts to get a few extra points. The earlier you ask to do these assignments, the more likely you’ll be to actually earn the points.

Turn In Old Work

Sometimes it’s hard to meet every deadline that professors give you. If you need a boost in points for your class, turn in as many old assignments as you can that haven’t been completed yet. Even if it’s just for partial credit, it’s worth it to turn in the assignments that you neglected so you can improve your grades. 

Sleep Deeply

Sleep is one of the most important parts of the learning process. Studies show that a consistent sleep schedule impacts both your memory retention and your ability to focus the next day. The only way to make the most of the hours that you’re awake is by letting yourself to rest fully while you’re asleep.

Exercise Regularly

Taking care of your body is critical in order for you to perform at your best. Take a walk while you listen to a lecture or go for a jog in between practice quizzes. Finding a way to incorporate regular exercise into your daily studying routine will help you keep the blood flowing and help your mind functioning in peak condition.