Study Hacks For Surviving Midterms

Surviving midterms

Surviving midterms is no easy feat. The exams you have to take are crucial to your final grade. All these grades add up by the time graduation rolls around- so the pressure’s on!

Is there a key to surviving midterms that won’t leave you completely burned out? There are some studying secrets that will make all the difference in your academic life.

Here’s how you can breeze your way through midterm exams!

Make A Plan

Start early! Once you know what your midterm will be on, make a schedule at least a week out that will help you memorize the content. Schedule out small, manageable chunks of study time.

The more proactive you are about planning, the more prepared you will be by the time your exam rolls around. There’s no better feeling than staying on top of your studies! You’ll minimize your stress and be much more clear-headed during your test.

Prioritize Sleep

The only way you can keep your study time productive is by prioritizing your sleep. There’s no possibility of a good study session without a good rest beforehand. Even if you have a long to-do list, those tasks can be put off until after you catch your z’s.

Incorporate a nighttime routine before bed that lets you unwind. That little bit of self-care melts away the stress of the day. If you’re having trouble de-stressing, try taking supplements that help your body to relax.

Use A Timer

Procrastinating can be a major temptation while you’re working. It’s helpful to make a time crunch for yourself that limits the length of your distractions. Set a timer for each important task that you start throughout the day.

Even when you decide to take a break, don’t forget your timer. When the alarm goes off, stop what you’re doing and transition back into your study time. Timers help you become a lot more aware of the time you’re spending on your midterm prep.

Study With Peers

Study groups make surviving midterms feel like a piece of cake. You can talk through topics, draw out diagrams, and bounce ideas off of each other.

Studying with peers also helps you fill in any gaps that you missed during class. If you skipped a day of lectures sometime in the semester, there’s likely some detail that you looked over in your personal study time. You’ll have a lot more luck preparing for your midterm if you have like-minded students surrounding you.