Create a Successful Studying Routine With These Scientifically Proven Tips

School can be difficult for anyone. Because of this, AsapSCIENCE gave a little bit of scientific insight about what you’ll need in order to be more effective and efficient while you’re studying.

If you want the best routine possible that will carry you through your degree, here are some scientifically proven studying tips that will help you be the best student you can be.

Study In Small Increments

If you have a long study session ahead of you, don’t do it all in one sitting. Break down all of your studying into manageable chunks. The video suggests that you only work on things for a half-hour at a time. 

Space Out Study Sessions

Cramming is the worst possible thing you can do for your grade. Instead, space your studying out so that you do a little bit each day over a longer period of time. This lets you have more capacity to retain information long-term.

Take Practice Tests

A lot of people struggle with test anxiety. Studies show that students that panic during exam time range from 16-18% of the student population. Ask your professor for practice tests so that you can get the hang of their test style before you do the real thing. 

Don’t Work At Night

You’ll have a better chance at memorizing the information you need to know if you work during the daytime. The daylight and fresh air keep you alert and awake while you process your classwork.

Keep It Quiet

As pleasant as it is to have your favorite playlist on in the background, it may actually be harmful to your productivity. You’re going to want to change songs when you don’t know the tune and sing along when you do. Working in silence actually helps you maintain your focus better.