Ten Top Degrees with a Bright Future

1. IT Manager ($150,000)

In the digital age, an IT Manager is imperative. They manage both hardware and software and keep the company’s digital world going. They install, upgrade, and manage technology-related matters. The IT Manager often is in charge of employees that they hire to manage the computer and information systems. This career has a high salary and will continue to be needed in the future.

2. Cybersecurity ($100,000)

Working in cybersecurity requires a person to protect the company virtually. They many times assess the risk of the company’s cyberspace which may be the cloud network. They decide on the strategy, design, and implementation to protect the company. Most companies have their assets through cyberspace, and that means they need them protected. A person in cybersecurity knows how to use various network tools to monitor information technology. This is another career that will be around for decades and has a great salary to match the job.

3. Nuclear  ($100,000)

There are multiple ways of working within the nuclear world. The U.S. Department of Energy is one employer that uses a person in the nuclear field for many different operations. That may involve nuclear cleanup, nuclear production, engineering design, environmental remediation, nuclear waste management, and nuclear operations. Typically a person will work for the government or a private firm.

The other career in the nuclear field is to be a Nuclear medicine technologist. This career involved a person using radioactive material for the diagnosis of disease in the human body. This person works in a medical facility.

4. Alternative energy installers ($70,000)

Solar power is one of the fastest-growing sources of new energy. As an alternative energy installer, you are responsible for teaching potential clients about alternative energy, managing the install process, and ensuring the job has been correctly finished. This career is expected to grow by 63% by 2028.

5. Nurses and Medical Professional ($100,000+)

With baby boomers retiring and many people leaving the medical field, many careers will open for nurses and medical professionals. There is no shortage of jobs here, and you can choose which direction you would want to go. This field of healthcare occupations is growing by 16% currently.

6. Software Developer ($90,000+)

A software developer or software programmer writes codes for software that is installed on computers or within a computer system. They know how to manage code, find broken code, and create new code as needed. They can make complex systems down to basic website code. This career is still growing by 17% and is expected to continue to climb.

7. Industrial Engineer ($90,000)

Industrial engineering is among the most in-demand careers. They design systems that integrate employees, machines, materials, and information to create a product or provide a service. They can analyze a company and say where extra time or money is spent that can be eliminated. They can tell the company where they would benefit from hiring more people or adding a machine for production. Industrial engineers are in every company, so as an industrial engineer, you can literally work anywhere. Companies need them from manufacturing, to hardware, to healthcare.

8. Computer Systems Manager ($150,000)

A computer systems manager has a degree in computer or information science. This career is another one that is in many different industries. They help direct computer-related activities in an organization. They have to work with computer programming, network security, software development, and more. The job can be hard and involve long hours at some companies. They know how to use technology to improve a business, and the job growth is at 10% through 2029.

9. Biomedical Engineer ($100,000)

A biomedical engineer or bioengineer design and create devices, equipment, computer systems, and software. They typically work in a research facility or for a manufacturer. This career is considered the best health care career offered, and you can work in many different parts of the healthcare world. With the advancement of technology, this career is continuing to expand exponentially.

10. Data Scientist ($150,000)

Data scientists analyze the numbers to find trends in the industry they work for. A company will have them look over their data and extract patterns that may once-over business challenges. They help businesses operate more efficiently by analyzing the company through numbers collected and finding the weakness.