Ready to Become a College Vlogger?

Ok, ok, we know not everyone is made to be a star. But some of us are! (And we are ready for our close up.) Have you always considered vlogging but never known where to start? The audience for college and univsersity vloggers seems to grow by the day with different aspects of student life making channels or influencers into celebrities overnight. So, you’re a student. You’ve got a phone and a Youtube channel. Should you be a college vlogger?

Do you want to share your life with total strangers?

Have the battle of becoming a vlogger is feeling like you want to share your life with random strangers on the internet. Are you ready to do that? Will you mind being judged?

Being self-conscious or shy isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to being a successful vlogger. Sometimes it can be charming! It depends on how willing you are to share your daily routines despite that shyness. You don’t necessarily need to do more than try a out a couple of vlogs to find out if it’s for you, though. Try a couple of 1-2 minute blip vlogs of your day and throw them on Instagram and see how it goes. Maybe you’ll be way more comfortable with it all than you think!

What is your college life like?

Most successful student vloggers have an interesting social life. Let’s face it, your friends will always end up being part of the show. Do you live in a dorm? Do you live in a house with seventeen roommates? Are you an athlete? Are you a foreign or exchange student? Maybe you’re in a fraternity or sorority? Or do you live at home and have to juggle your social life with your family life? Whatever your story, will an audience find your interactions interesting?

If you have a very particular living or socializing situation, you may find a specific audience more easily. Whether that’s people with similar stories or backgrounds to you, or people with your particular major, or those with your extracurricular interests. Being specific about what your life is like can actually help you find the audience you’ll need to make your vlogging channel grow.

Can you deliver the drama?

If you’re the type of person who never likes to talk about their feelings you may need to ask yourself if you can deliver enough drama to interest an audience. You don’t necessarily need to be emotional to entertain an audience, but you will probably need to be able to talk about, or somehow communicate to your audience, how certain people or situations make you feel. Do you feel out of place? Do you have a lot of conflict? Sometimes those situations make for the most interesting vlogs. But is that something you’re willing to share with an audience?

Part of becoming a good vlogger in any walk of life is determining if the vlogging life is for you. If you’re ready to give it a go and decide you’ve got the goods, then jump in. The world is ready to hear about your unique college/university student life perspective!