3 Signs You Need to Break Up With Your Job

Let’s get real for a second. Most of us aren’t exactly thrilled to wake up and start the work week on Monday morning, but there’s a difference between wishing you were still lying on the sofa having a Fixer Upper binge-marathon and actually dreading going to work. The average person has eleven different jobs in their lifetime, so it might be a good move to learn how to spot the signs that you’re in need of a career change. But how do you evaluate when it’s worth it to leave a safe job you hate for something new and possibly better?

We know what you’re thinking. Yes, you need a steady paycheck to do things like eat, have a roof over your head, and buy those Hello Kitty slippers at Target. Maybe it’s worth it to put up with a soul-sucking job to make sure you don’t have to worry about putting bread on the table. And you’re right—that is a serious consideration. So what are the signs you truly need to leave your job and should consider taking the risk of a career change?

1 – Sunday dread.

We all remember what it was like as a kid when Sunday evening would roll around. You knew your weekend of freedom was almost over, because school was starting the next morning if you liked it or not. If you’ve been feeling that old sinking feeling but worse, to the point that it’s started to poison your days off, then that may be a sign that you really do need to leave your current position.

When most people start a new job they love, they feel excited to meet the challenges of the work week, no matter how much they’d rather be lounging by the pool. Feeling a little Sunday dread once in a while doesn’t necessarily mean you and your job need to have the talk, but if you feel this way every weekend, it’s a good indicator that things at your present position are unlikely to change for the better.

2 – Apathy.

Have you stopped even caring if your boss screams at you, or if your co-worker messed up something you’ll all be working overtime to fix? If you’ve come to expect the worst at your job no matter what, to the point that you don’t even really care when things go wrong, that might also be a sign that you really do hate your job.

The key here is to make sure feelings of apathy aren’t just a one time situation, but a pattern. If you find yourself thinking “here we go again” about a disaster, it’s a good time to ask yourself if you really want to continue on your current path.

3 – Shopping around.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but if you find yourself daydreaming about another job or career path, or even actively looking for a new job, that’s generally a good sign that you’re ready to move on. If you find yourself clicking on ads for online degree programs, or updating your Linkedin profile, you should take it as a sign the same way you would if you found yourself signing up for dating apps if you were in a relationship. You’re probably more than ready to find a new career love in your life.