Gemini Horoscope

Feb 21, 2024… You can put feelings aside and make some great decisions today. Even if those decisions don’t win a popularity contest, that’s okay, Gemini. After all, the right path is often the hardest one to take. Doing right just because you know it is the right thing to do may not be easy, but taking the best path can boost your self-assurance. If it’s something you really believe in, give it your all and you could surprise yourself today!

Today’s Inspiration: Don’t hide your anger. Talk to someone, hit a punching bag, or exercise to let off steam. Anger has the tendency to boil over or impact you physically if pushed to the side for too long. So before you try to let it go, allow yourself to feel it. Just like any negative emotion, you have to acknowledge and accept it before you can move past it to the next adventure.