Libra Horoscope

Dec 9, 2022… The energy will be right for you to consider lightening your load today. It might be time to clean out your closets or even tackle some emotional buildup you may have been holding onto as well. Letting go of actual items allows the energy from those items to release, which can allow new energy to flow into your life and help give you a feeling of harmony. It could also be meaningful to your soul to pay it forward by donating items to charity or a local thrift store. You could feel lighter emotionally and physically by getting rid of old items and lightening your metaphysical baggage as well. Feels good, doesn’t it, Libra?

Today’s Inspiration: As children, we feared the BANG of thunder until we realized that it’s just a noise and it can’t hurt us. Our fears as adults are kinda the same. They’re only as scary as we think they are. Once you focus on how you can deal with the fears rather than the scare factor, you can overcome them. That power resides in your mind. It always has.