Higher Education Tips for Students With Disabilities

Higher Education Tips for Students With Disabilities

(DegreeAuthorities.com) – Making plans for the future and furthering education is at the forefront for almost every student. When faced with a disability, the future may seem a little daunting, but there’s plenty of help and assistance available. Still, it may be hard to know where to start. Read ahead for some higher education tips for students with disabilities.

Start Right Now

If you’re still in high school, great! Now is the best time to start planning. Whether it’s in the medical field or marketing, knowing what your future career will be is important. When you lay all your cards out on the table, it’s easier to follow the proper path.

Talk with your guidance counselor. They’ll have your school records, including an IEPs or standardized tests, that will assist with finding the perfect school.

Choose a College With Support

Many high schools are connected with specific colleges, universities and trade schools that specialize in your specific disability. While there are numerous campuses that tailor to students with both intellectual and physical disabilities, some offer more detailed, specialized support. Your existing campus can guide you in the right direction.

Talk With a Campus Disability Coordinator

Once you’ve made the choice for higher education, set up an appointment with their campus disability coordinator. This is the person who will be able to coordinate your education plan moving forward. Some courses may be remote or smaller than other mainstream classes. Making sure your needs are being met is vital to making your education a success.

Stick Close to Home

If you can, choose a campus close to home. Having support from family and friends is vital to a productive college experience. This could be through communication, transportation or housing. The reassurance of having a loved one nearby can make your higher education experience that much more fulfilling.

Disabilities don’t make a person’s identity. You are you and totally capable of climbing mountains and achieving anything you set your mind to. The time to plan ahead is now. Be armed with the resources. This gives you the best chance at finding the perfect academic home and achieving all your future goals.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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