The Elective Every Student Should Take

The Elective Every Student Should Take

( – When you strive for a college degree, learning everything you can about your major field of study is number one. But getting a well-rounded education is just as important for your success. Schools everywhere offer a wide variety of electives to broad students’ horizons and help them engage in other subjects. And one of the most prevalent electives in our society — one that has been largely ignored and dismissed up until recently — is media studies.

What Is Media Studies?

Media studies is a field of interest dedicated to the study of media and its impact on the culture around us. It’s similar to working in a subject like literature, only media studies can include the analysis of everything from social media and web copy to advertising and video games. Taking a media studies elective can give you insight into the history and influence of media, as well as a better idea of how different methods of communication shape and reflect our society.

Here’s Why Media Studies Is so Relevant

If you’re compelled to ask why this matters, you’re probably not the only one. People are often quick to dismiss media studies, claiming that it has little value in a society fueled by big industries like technology, engineering and healthcare.

But maybe we’re more fueled by the media than we think. Consider for a moment: We’re exposed to it almost 24/7. We watch television, read ads and scroll through social platforms all day long. In fact, statistics show people spent an average of over 12 hours per day interacting with some form of media in 2019.

The media we read and watch every day has a huge impact on our values and perceptions. It shapes our culture — and in turn, the culture shapes the media. It’s a relationship that affects all parts of society, from our businesses to our personal lives.

Can you imagine how powerful you would become just by understanding this impact and how it can change society as a whole? Media studies is about more than just analyzing propaganda and social media posts. It’s about becoming a more effective communicator in a world that’s relying more and more on digestible, engaging content. This is a valuable skill, no matter what field you major in.

Become Media Savvy With Communications Courses

If your school offers media studies electives, taking one could provide you with not only a historical and creative background, but also the tools to become a better writer. These courses will teach you how to convey messages to specific audiences and write for different types of media. While you may not be planning to make these skills directly into a career, they can definitely make you more marketable in the long run.

This is because employers need good communicators. In the Job Outlook 2020 survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, over 77% of participants said they were looking for job candidates with strong written communication skills. You can enhance your value even further by showing off experience with different types of writing and communication tactics.

As unassuming as it may seem, media studies is one of the most useful electives offered in colleges. The skills it offers can follow you for years to come, regardless of the career path you take. Give it a chance, and you may even find an exciting new subject to enjoy along the way.

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